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Main Difficulties Of Thermodynamics Homework And Ways Of Solving Them

Doing homework is often boring, but working on assignments in thermodynamics is usually challenging. Some of them are quite tricky while the others are simple, but require lots of calculations. Either way, the subject is tough to learn the first time, but if you succeed, it will help you build your career.

Why It Is Hard to Complete Homework in Thermodynamics

The main reason why this subject is so complex is that it involves discussion and homework sets are often huge. However, students also mention the following:

  • You cannot master thermodynamics through memorization, reading, and reviewing.
  • You need to understand why, how, and under what conditions the process happens.
  • Without practice, you can hardly learn how to apply a formula so that everything falls into place and your answer emerges with ease.
  • Understanding the concepts usually takes a while.
  • Knowledge of math is essential or else you won’t be able to solve the problems.
  • Thermodynamics requires you to think instead of picking a correct formula to cope with your assignment.

How to Overcome the Difficulties and Finish Your Tasks Successfully

If you have good study habits, you’ll solve the aforementioned difficulties by using some of the suggestions below:

  • Work as many problems as you can to master the ideas because only practice makes perfect.
  • Get a study group together and go through the assignments, teach others, ask questions, and benefit from the advice of your peers.
  • Don’t hesitate to attend an additional study session organized by your professor or TA to ask questions and receive the needed assistance.
  • Read the textbook chapters before your professor lectures on them, make sure to look through all the examples in the text, and make the cards with the terms and formulas.
  • Find a textbook that provides you with a better explanation if you cannot understand the material in the textbook recommended by your instructor.

What Learning Strategy Will Help You Cope With Thermodynamics

If you have no idea on how to study effectively, this simple 7-step strategy will be useful for you:
  1. Revise the class notes and complete the assigned reading.
  2. Memorize the new concepts and repeat the topic-related old ones.
  3. Have formulas and sample assignments with solutions handy.
  4. Read the task, figure out what result you need to get, and try to arrive at it.
  5. Search for right answers to check your homework.
  6. If your answers are correct, move to the next task or else double-check your solution.
  7. If you cannot find the mistake, ask someone for help.

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