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Who Can Help Me With My Calculus Homework?

Calculus. An unpleasant sub-genre of an already unpleasant subject. While calculus may be complicated, understanding it is not impossible. At school, all you have to do is ask the teacher if you're having trouble with the subject; but then it comes to homework and you're in it alone... Or so it seems. In this article I will detail a variety of people who can help you with your calculus homework.

  1. Your parents -
    • Your parents tend to be the first people you go to if your having problems. Throughout your life they'll help you get out of numerous romantic and financial entanglements; they can also help you with calculus.
    • If your parents studied the subject when they were in school, they will likely still have some understanding of it and will be able to help explaining the tricky questions.  
  2. Your siblings-
    • If your parents have been out of school too long to remember their calculus lessons, an older sibling may be the better source of help.
    • Older siblings are a good choice when it comes to help with homework as they are generally more fun than your parents and can explain the subject in a way which will make it easier for you to understand.
  3. Nerds -
    • I feel bad about using that heading but lets face, thats what they are. You know the people I'm talking about. Nerds, or "the very intelligent", are a surefire way to overcome your struggles with a difficult subject such as calculus.
    • Listen up when a nerd helps you with calculus. An older sibling will tell you what you need to answer a specific question, these guys will tell you what you need to pass a whole exam. They're like teachers, only smarter.
  4. Tutors -
    • If you're really having trouble with calculus it may be best to turn to a tutor. Tutors can range from a mathematical genius trying to earn enough money to put himself through college or a teacher hoping to make some quick cash on the side.
    • Tutors can be expensive so you might want to explore the above avenues first. However, the old saying "You get what you pay for" has a great deal of relevance here.

So there you have it. Four people who can help you with your calculus homework. If you try all these and still have trouble with calculus, at least you're qualified for politics.


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