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Searching for a Free Math Homework Helper

Today’s math can be very challenging. But it is also comforting to know that there are many, many places that you can turn to for a homework helper. You can use a peer tutor, look online, and go for your teacher’s math help, use the community center, or work with a homework hotline.

  • Peer Tutor
  • Many schools have a peer-tutoring program, which is free of charge. Usually honor students man the peer tutoring sessions. Ask your guidance teacher or you math teacher if your school has a peer-tutoring program. If they do, by all means utilize it. Go and see the coordinator and find out the hours and the location. Also check and see if you need an appointment for help.

  • Online
  • There are many free online help centers. You will have to search around, so make sure to use precise key word searches. Check the reviews of the ones you are interested in to see what kind of rating and comments they have received. Also try to find out who the helpers are and what their qualifications are for helping.

  • Teacher Math Help
  • Every teacher is required to after school help hours. Ask you teacher when and where he or she holds extra help sessions. Knowing when the teacher has extra help can assist you on the days when you simply do not understand the math concepts covered in the homework questions.

  • Community Center
  • Many communities have started to offer community help centers. Not all cities and areas have this, so investigate to see if your community does. You can go and get assistance, usually from retired teachers or college students, with your math homework.

  • Homework Hotline
  • See if your district, county, or school offers a free online or call-in hotline. These services do not cost anything. And retired school district employees usually man the hotlines. Make sure to ask what the hours are; they are rarely open 24 hours.

As you can see there are many places where you can get free math homework help. Plan ahead and know what your help choices are before you need them. Do not wait until you need math homework to scurry around and try to find where and when you can have assistance. Note the offerings and contact information in your school planner or on your cell phone for easy reference.


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