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How to start doing homework: 6 easy tricks

There’s nothing harder than having to do homework when you really don’t want to. It weighs heavily on your mind because you know how essential it is to get it done. Yet there are so many other distractions calling you and tempting you to do something else instead. The procrastination has gone on long enough. How will you train yourself to get started doing your homework?

Start with this easy 6-step plan. It’s organized and simple to follow. All you need to do is start at the first step and keep going. Before you know it your homework will be done and you can enjoy some of those other activities free of guilt.

  1. Gather everything you need into one place. What kind of supplies do you need to get your homework done? Paper, sharpened or mechanical pencils, pens, eraser, ruler, calculator, scissors, felt markers, reading glasses, cup of water? Textbooks might also be necessary. Think of everything you need before you sit down to work. Too many trips up to get things can really waste valuable time.
  2. Switch off your phone. It’s not needed to do homework and is probably the biggest distraction you can possibly have beside you. As soon as one of your friends texts you, you will have a hard time not answering it. Once your phone is turned off, turn off the computer unless it’s essential for homework. If it is necessary to have the computer on, leave the screen turned off until you need to look at it so you’re not tempted to surf instead of work.
  3. Put a sign up on your door so no one will disturb you. Tell your family or roommates to leave you alone until you’re finished and you tell them you’re done.
  4. Get some natural sunlight coming in a window near your working desk or table. If this isn’t possible, make sure the room is well lit so you are not working in the dark. That’s a sure way to make yourself sleepy when you’re actually trying to get some work done.
  5. Create a list of all your assignments and homework that is on your to do list. The most difficult ones should be placed at the top, so they are completed when you have the most energy and aren’t tired out from doing homework. Make sure there’s a place to check off each one as you complete it. Each time one is finished, check it off. It tells your brain you are accomplishing something and gives you a sense of relief as each one is finished. You may also need to make a timetable of how much time each assignment will take. Some might have to be done over the course of a few days, like writing an essay.
  6. Use a timer to you work most efficiently within your time frame. Once you’ve set the timer, begin working and play little games with yourself of trying to beat the timer. It helps you to stay focused and not daydream. For example, you might estimate your math homework will take 5 minutes per problem and you have 5 problems. Set the timer for 25 minutes and then see how much you can get done before the time is up.

It also helps to give yourself little rewards for accomplishing tasks. Instead of trying to eat that chocolate bar while you work, have it as a reward when you finish the first homework assignment. When you have done everything on the list, you get to watch a favorite movie.


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