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What To Do If I Need Help With My Science Homework

So you’re sitting staring at you science homework like it is written in hieroglyphics and are confused on the difference between a proton, neutron, and an electron.  What do you do?  There are so simple ways that your can find the answer and become a genius at science.

What Should You Do First?

There are some simple ways that you can find out the answer to the question.

  • Consult your textbook: Sounds pretty easy, huh?  The fastest way to finding the answer is to read your textbook.  That is why they gave it to you in the first place; it has all the answers.

  • Use your note: Using the notes that you took in class can recall information that your forgot and taking notes is the easiest way for you to find the answer because most teachers teach what will be on the homework.  That is why they give it to you so you can recall and learn what was taught.

  • Ask for help: If after reading the text book and you still are unsure of the correct answer, ask for help.  You can ask your parents, a teacher, or even a classmate to elaborate and explain it to you.

  • Use the Internet: If you are too embarrassed to ask for help the Internet has made it easy to find the answers you are looking for an in some cases makes learning fun. Science has become pretty cool over the last few years and the invention of YouTube has give Science nerds an outlet for learn and teaching in a fun way.  

  • Ask an expert: This is a fun one that you can try, on Twitter, experts like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson do answer questions about science on there accounts.  This could be a long shot but it would be pretty cool to have one of these guys help you with your science.

  • Find a fun way to learn science: Finding a new and fun way to learn something helps you retain the information that you are learning and makes it easier to recall the facts at a later date.

You have the tools, which one are you going to use.  I would just start at the top and work my way down.  Science can be fun and using these suggestions could open up your eyes to the wonder world of science.


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