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How to Avoid Being Scammed When Buying Homework Online

Without the option to actually meet anyone beforehand, buying anything online can be risky, and homework assignments are not exempt from that risk.

However, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure you get the high-quality product you paid for.

Research before you buy

As with any other industry, there are reputable sellers and scammers. A simple Internet search can usually shed some light on which sellers belong in which category.

  • Search for websites with excellent reviews.
  • It applies to online businesses as well as physical ones: if any business does something shady, someone will make a review of it. Shady sellers will have at least a few red flags posted via a simple Internet search posted by buyers who’d been burned in the past.

  • Likewise, search for reviews on individuals.
  • Sometimes you may find a good deal posted by an individual, not someone working for a website or company. Those individuals are also subject to reviews! Look the name up to see if anything sketchy populates.

  • Have good communication with the writer from start to finish.
  • This is crucial to getting a good product anyway, but opening a line of communication from the very beginning is a solid way to gauge the sort of person you’re working with before you commit to anything.

Get some guarantees

There are a few things, too, that set apart many businesses just on the basis of good practice, but that also ensure you’ve spent your money well.

  • Find websites or writers that offer free rewrites.
  • Consider: anyone can say they’ll do your homework for you. That doesn’t mean it will be good! By guaranteeing that a writer will rewrite an assignment if it’s not up to par, a business or website means to tell you that quality is a priority. Offering a free rewrite gives the writer incentive to do it right the first time, so you know your money is working for you.

  • Similarly, find websites that have a “money back guarantee.”
  • If you pay for an assignment that gets a failing grade, the writer or business that provided it to you should be willing to take responsibility for that failure.

Protect yourself

Even with all those precautions, it’s still a good idea to protect your money and well-being.

  • Don’t pay for an article until you’ve received it.
  • Depending on the business or writer’s policies, they may require payment up front. Even if this is the case, you can still use an escrow account so that they know the money is there, but can’t get it until they deliver.

Check for plagiarism before you submit an assignment, and if possible, before you pay for it, too. Nobody wins if what you bought is just a copy-paste from Joe Internet Schmo.


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