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Your Friend Can Provide You with Accounting Homework Answers

Studies of students and successful learning methods indicate that if students study or work in groups, this collaboration makes the process of learning easier. It also teaches students how to work with one another, a valuable skill that will be needed when the students grow up and enter the work force. So, yes, in a way, your friend can provide you with accounting homework answers.

Saying that a friend will help you with accounting homework answers does not mean the friend will work on the problems and you will watch him or her do all the work while you eat cookies. It means the two of you should work together to solve the problems. Neither one of you should ever feel as if you, and you alone, and doing all of the work with no help.

Do not split up the problems among the two of you either. The idea is not to move through the work as quickly as possible as two units, but to work together as one unit on each problem. Talk to each other as you work and explore the ways you can answer each accounting homework problem.

You are taking your strengths and your friend’s strengths and using these tools together. You are teaching each other as you go. If you have a question and your friend can answer it, or vice versa, then both of you win.

Do not ever just sit down and copy your friend’s accounting homework answers. And do not ever let your friend copy your homework answer. You learn nothing that way, and in fact you are cheating if you do that. Why cheat when you can work honestly and quickly while learning?

Most teachers are fully aware of the benefits of collaboration and group work. However, you might want to ask your teacher if you may have his or her permission to work with a friend before you begin. You want to make sure the teacher is aware of the situation and approves of the situation.

Studies have shown that working together on homework with a classmate helps the learning process, is more fun, and working together teaches children how to work as a team. It is a life skill as working with a team will happen when the child becomes an adult, So,yes your friend can provide you with accounting homework answers.


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