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How to do homework without stress: inspiring tips for students

In order to improve upon homework skills, it is important to reinforce learning. This can be done in many ways:

  • It is important for students to be organized and to find techniques that reinforce the homework concepts they have learned. It may be beneficial to get a tutor to provide some extra help. You might consider meeting with an educational professional who can offer some helpful homework strategies.
  • Generally speaking, it is more beneficial to use note cards or index cards compared to a worksheet or a study guide. Writing out words or questions on one side, with the answers or comments on the other is one of the best ways to reinforce the concepts learned in class and to make studying easier. The mere act of writing out the information can enhance learning on its own. This also gives students something tangible to carry with them so that any free time they find (perhaps on the ride to school, or on a bus, or while they wait at an office) can be filled with extra practice.
  • The internet is a great resource for finding supplemental classroom materials. You can print out study sheets, calendar pages, organizational charts, homework charts, and planners.
  • If students have trouble extracting ideas that are listed in their homework assignments, meaning they don’t understand what the key directional words are asking them to do, you can help them to create a set of cards that reinforce what these words mean. You can help them by asking what they believe that word means, and then using an outline to break it down. You can have children make an outline for their reports in the same fashion. These items can be placed where they can find them, and then when they have questions, they can refer to the chary or list and find any relevant information.
  • Children may greatly benefit from board games made out of their homework problems. This can be a great way to learn. Bingo or a lotto board are both great ways to play. These games will help complete homework, reinforce concepts learned in school, and provide a means of family bonding.

Overall the purpose is to create good work habits and prepare students to stay on task, avoid any tardiness with assignments, and anticipate what is net. This also teaching good learning styles and good homework and organizational skills. Overall, these steps go a long way toward minimizing homework stress and providing students with a sense of accomplishment.


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