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Efficient Instructions On How To Get Kids To Do Homework

Most children will have at least a little difficulty with homework at some point in their lives. If it’s not too difficult, it might be too easy. There might even be too many assignments back to back in a particular week that all happen to meet up with few, if any, getting done. If you want to get your children to finish their homework in a timely manner, follow these instructions.

  • Remove all distractions
  • Many children have devices that they almost compulsively check. In the middle of an assignment, those distractions can prevent them from ever getting truly immersed in what they’re doing. Have them turn off their cell phones and log out of any messenger services that might fall into that category. They may fuss at first but for the sake of better homework, you can both bear that temporary inconvenience.

  • Make sure there’s a set time for it each day
  • Undone homework assignments happen for a reason and usually, poor time management is the culprit. When the same time is devoted to homework each day, it becomes part of a routine. This makes it much simpler to create lists of required tasks and methodically work through them one by one. If additional time must be devoted for the days work, that can easily be noticed and arranged.

  • Give regular breaks
  • Working for hours on end will eventually become less and less productive. It’s also a bit cruel to inflict that on a child. Try having them work for half hour intervals with ten minute breaks in between. If your child’s attention span is shorter, the ratio may need to change to suit. This ensures that quality work is produced and real learning takes place.

  • Give rewards for a job well done
  • At the end of a productive homework session, try to provide a reward to your child that they can’t access any other way. This is a great way to motivate them.

  • Make sure there are lots of other activities
  • If your child has no meaningful activities after school, homework will seem like a terrible waste of free time to him or her. A sport, dance class or chess club can add variety to their life and make homework seem less like a punishment.

With persistence, your child will probably get the hang of the process and initiate many of these activities unprompted.


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