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How to find expert college homework help

When you are studying in college oftentimes the homework assigned is much more difficult than what you were accustomed to in a preparatory school or high school. Because all of your peers in college were also at or near the top of their graduating high school or preparatory school class, the level of difficulty of college work in general and homework in particular is much harder. If you are finding that your homework is too hard for you to figure out alone, then you need to seek some help in completing your college homework. There are many companies advertising on the Internet that offer to help you with your homework. They have videos, tutorials, and access to live tutoring sessions. Many of these sites are of questionable value. Few of them have highly qualified tutors. Just because a site says that their tutors all have degrees there is no real guarantee of quality.

A Little Help from your Friends

If you need help at once and you want to find quality help with your homework, then the best place to look is your personal network. Ask your friends and, if you live on campus in the dorms, ask other people you know in the dorms, who has already taken the class you are taking now. See if you can get phone numbers for people who have taken the class before. Then you can call them and tell them who gave you their number and see if they might be interested in helping you with your homework.

Reach out to Family

If that is a dead end for you, then make a list of family members who are college graduates and start calling those who have graduated most recently and see if they might be able to help you with your homework, or suggest another friend or family member who could. This is actually how the famous Khan academy got started when a young man asked his cousin to help him with his math, and then his cousin started posting math tutorials on YouTube.

Ask the TA

If you know that a certain class is giving you trouble, then the first person you should ask for help is the Teaching Assistant, otherwise known as the TA, and see if he or she will tutor you. If they say they are too busy, then find out if they can recommend another student or a tutor to help you with the subject. You will find someone who can help you if you keep looking and chances are you kind find someone local for free or a fair fee.


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