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It’s important to remember that on college the student has to be responsible for getting themselves to class and doing their homework. There won’t be someone standing over you making sure that you do these things.

  • Be disciplined , concentrate during class.
  • Take notes and learn abbreviations so that you can keep up.
  • Make sure that you write clearly and can really read your own handwriting.
  • Go over your notes and find out what you do not understand.
  • Highlight key statements and definitions. Use a red biro when underlining in notes.

Ask your professor about things you don’t understand. Check it out with classmates and help them in return. Discuss ideas and things that you are trying to learn.

  • Try to select subjects that you are really interested in.
  • Try to decide early on if there are subjects you want to major in  because you have an aptitude for them.
  • If there are classes, which you feel, are not going well decide whether to change subjects earlier rather than later.
  • Take time to get to know your professors.
  • When answering homework questions make sure that you have understood the question and that you actually answer it properly. Many students loose marks because they fail to answer the question.

  • Professors have many students to teach but seek an opportunity to consult a professor on the subject, or things you don’t understand during office hours.
  • Make sure you attend classes on time and take notes, even use a Dictaphone to record the lecture. 

Before a lecture try to read up on the subject and afterward the lecture go over your notes immediately to make sure you have understood them.

  • Don’t procrastinate and put off doing work.
  • Don’t leave work or studying to the last minute.
  • Pursue a regular work pattern
  • Make sure you get enough sleep and study early in the morning when your attention span is at its highest.
  • Try to get 8 hours sleep and take daily exercise.

Make sure to see and socialize with your classmates. Do not get isolated and withdrawn. Share ideas and opinions as it is part of the learning process you undergo in college and sharpens your own inquisitiveness and desire to learn. You will probably never have the same opportunity to test ideas.


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