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College Math Homework Help: How To Memorize Formulas

Math is difficult, or at least it can be for those of us liberal arts majors who want to forget all the hurt (physical and mental) it caused throughout high school. So, what does math do for an encore? By the numbers (pun intended) it numerically-oops, I did it again-eliminated you from the requisite SAT score needed to gain admission at your school of choice. I’m assuming you have a letter that confirms this.

But the pain lingers. Not only do you find yourself in a state university auditorium having to fulfill a general education requirement at a safety school surrounded by those you sought protection from, you still suck at math, too.

A semester abroad isn’t an option yet, because I just said ‘yet’, and anyways, if you can’t get through a couple of math courses, you will never be eligible to go anywhere. Tough love, folks. What’s the plan? The biggest difference between high school and college is college students WANT to be there. Usually. Unless it’s math class.

A semester really isn’t a long period of time to suffer through, even if it’s math. Let’s check out one of ways to make math tolerable. Memorizing formulas.

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  • Learn how a formula works. Admittedly, this sounds like learning math. But it’s your ability to understand as opposed to learn is what’s important here.

  • If you are able to figure out why the formula is created, how it works suddenly becomes far easier to understand.

The next step to understanding a formula is picturing it in your head.


  • It doesn’t take a math major to realize the importance of symbols in mathematics. Let the symbols work for you! Math is a language, and just like Latin, it is really boring and you can’t speak it. However, their importance is immeasurable. Just as Latin is the root of so many languages the world uses today, the symbols used in mathematics have been understood by thousands for thousands (of years).

  • For us liberal arts majors, creativity is the only trick we have up our sleeve. To help memorize formulas, make it personal. Create a story.

  • What is it about these numbers or letters that draws your ire? What makes these square roots, plus/minus signs, and theorems so important that it is necessary to carve them into your brain?

Oh, wait, I remember. So you never have to see them again.


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